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poocl:__Tlie people of Palnad district subsist   upon millet
porridge, fermented millet water, cooked millet and millet stuff.
Excepting millet they have nothing else to eat, arid the cooked
rice of the Sauna variety is unknown to them (5).
0 Lotus-eyed (Krsna), do not be puffed up with pride
because you sucked at the poisoned breasts of (the demoness)
Putana, and devoured the wild-fire. Swallow a morsel of the
cooked millet mixed with a hot dish of baccali herb seasoned
with the leaves of the tamarind tree, then your capacity will be
tested (6),
Water scarcity:—He who possesses wealth (or Laksrni)
i. e. Yisnu deserves to marry sixteen-thousend wives. Why
should a beggar (like Siva) marry two wives ? 0 ! Paramesvara,
Parvati is enough for you ; release Granga (i. e. water) (7).
Religion :—To the people of Palnad the heroe-stones are
the divine lingas ; Cenna is Visnu. On enquiry Kalabhairava
is found to be Kallupoturaju, and Amiapuraria is the Sakti
Ankamina ; Manikarnika is the pool Gangadhara, and Karem-
pudi is the holy city, Kasi (8).
Houses :—When people spoke of terraced-houses of Palnad,
I imagined that they are finer to look at than our polished,
white mansions; but alas I I am deceived ; they resemble
women with black tresses, adorned with ornaments and
besmeared with (the paste of) musk (9).
Some villages:—
Pulipadu :—The name of the village is Vyaghranagara (the
tiger city); the Karnam is a serpent (Sesayya), the headman is
a monkey (Hanumareddi), the Nayaka is straw (Kasavayya),
All the elements of evil are grouped here (in this village) in
the district of Grurijala (10).
Nemalipuri:—Nemalipuri is the city of Yama; Basivi-
reddi is Yama, and all the farmers are his messengers; and the
Karanams are buffaloes who do not know what is pro-